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Fashion Valley Mall

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We are located inside Fashion Valley Mall
On the 2nd Floor in front of Starbucks

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Fashion Valley Mall

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7007 Friars Rd

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San Diego, CA 92108

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Monday – Friday 11am – 8pm

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Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm

(No need an appointment)

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Find a Phone Repair Service in San Diego, CA

Cellphone repair in San Diego is available through iGenius Phone Repair. Our experts will carefully diagnose the problem and repair it correctly, saving you the expense of having to buy a new phone. And we’re conveniently located in Fashion Valley Mall.

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Did you recently drop your phone and end up with a cracked screen? Or did you notice that your phone is freezing or not functioning as it should? You don’t need to contact your cell provider and dispose of it. Instead, you may visit our San Diego location, and let our professionals take a look.

General Information

At iGenius Repair, we offer cellphone repair in San Diego. We’re fully equipped and experienced to handle a variety of phone problems on various makes and models. We have a team of professionals ready to serve you.

The first step of the process our cell phone repair shop technician will do is to listen to your problem. Our professional will ask you any questions about the symptoms and nature of your problem. Sometimes, our specialists may need to receive additional information and will ask you questions to help better assess the issue. In some cases, a technician from our team will need to perform testing to further evaluate the problem.

Based on the results, the service professional will inform you of what’s wrong and the necessary repair. At this point, we’ll also give you a quote. This allows you to decide if the repair is worth it or if you should just buy a new phone. We pride ourselves on transparency and being open and upfront with every customer who walks through our doors. We believe that, in business, honesty is the best policy. And it’s how we build relationships with the residents of San Diego and the surrounding area. That’s because we believe you’re more than just a customer. Once you walk through our door, we want you to feel comfortable and confident with us.

Our Location

We have a convenient location, which our owner picked. During this process, the owner wanted to find a location that was easily accessible. The location needed to be a place where many people visited frequently, allowing us to gain exposure and have people realize they had a place in the area where they could come to get their phones fixed.

That’s how our Fashion Valley Mall was decided. Because it’s located on the second floor in front of the Starbucks, it’s in a location where a large number of people walk past as they patron that coffee shop.

Benefits of Our Cellphone Repair Shop in San Diego

Although there are other cellphone repair shops in San Diego, ours stands out and not just because we have a convenient location in the mall. We’ve created an establishment where individuals are happy to visit.

Customer Service

Our customer service ranks superior. We hand-select each employee who works with us. Not only do we require anyone who repairs the cellphones to have an extensive background and knowledge regarding the internal components of a cellular device, but we also require the person have a pleasant disposition. We realize that nobody wants to be treated poorly or feel like they’re not being listened to when they’re a paying customer. They’re not just paying to have their cellphones repaired when they visit our repair shop, they’re also paying for our time. And that time isn’t whenever we’re working behind the scenes repairing the phones; it’s also whenever we’re upfront and working with the customers.

Quick Repair

We believe that time is of the essence. In today’s work, people have limited time to do anything, between work, raising a family, managing a household, and all the other responsibilities in between. That means that they don’t have time to run around all over town looking for a cell repair service, making our location the first step to catering to busy individuals.

Once you provide us with your phone, you’ll receive an accurate estimate regarding the time it’ll take us to repair it. That way, you can plan ahead and know just how long it’ll be until you have your phone back.

When we have your phone in our cellphone repair shop in San Diego, we’ll work quickly to correct the problem. You’ll then have your phone back and won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of not having a phone any longer than you have to. As soon as it’s finished, we’ll contact you, so you may visit us and retrieve your phone.

Our goal is to ensure you get your phone back as soon as possible to prevent you from missing out on those important phone calls and picture-worthy moments.

Attention to Detail

Although we believe in getting customers back their phones as soon as possible, we don’t let quick service ever come before quality. Our technicians will correct the problem properly to ensure your phone works to the best of its ability. We don’t cut corners when it comes to something as valuable as a person’s phone. We understand that it’s not just a phone; it’s become a lifeline for someone who has health issues and may need to call for help. It’s a way to capture memories everywhere you go. And it’s a way to stay connected to the world around you.

Contact iGenius Repair for phone repair in San Diego, CA, today at 619-330-6868 if you have any questions about our services.